Covid 19 et campagne de communication de la commission européenne/Journée de l’Europe

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Dear Coordinators and project managers,


The ERNs and the COVID-19 Clinical Management Support System will be featured in the upcoming communication campaign run by the European Commission in occasion of the Europe Day celebrated on the 9th May.

This year the communication will be around the 70 years of solidarity and unity and pay tribute to the people who bring Europe through the coronavirus crisis.

Alexis Arzimanoglou from EpiCARE was interviewed by our colleagues of DG COMM and his testimonial will be part of the 16 stories selected of people from different EU countries either engaged in the response to COVID-19 or benefitting from EU support and measures.

I would invite you to check the following accounts, on the 9th May but also in the following days, as the campaign will also continue during whole May.


Twitter accounts:

Central EC one: @EU_Commission on Twitter

DG SANTE one: @EU_Health

For Facebook:

And for LinkedIn:


I take the occasion to wish to all of you a happy Europe Day!

Kind regards,

Isabelle Dévé

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